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Crystalina BAF! Turkey

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Crystalina BAF! Turkey

  • helps to keep balance of intestinal flora and intestinal tract

  • helps to reduce bad cholesterol in blood

  • helps to eliminate bad substances from the body and to strength immune system

Crystalina BAF! Turkey is a natural feed supplement in form of a functional snack acting as loads removerer. This product helps to strenghten immune system, to maintain balance of intestinal flora and gastrointestinal tract, reduce bad blood cholesterol, to eliminate dangerous substances from the body – toxins, micro-organisms, acids, metals. This supplement is also suitable as an excellent tool during training.

Ingredients: fresh turkey meat, oat flakes, additive substance: Crystalina (clinoptilolite of sedimentary type 1g568), rice, ale yeasts, oyster shell, MOS (mannan-oligosaccharides), FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides), siliceous montmorillonite, extract of milk thistle, extract of lingonberries, extract of ginseng roots, Yucca Schidigera, chitosan.

Package: 400g

Recommended dosage:  2 granules for 100 g of daily dosage of feed

Analytical components: 

  • Proteins: 20,5 %
  • Ashes: 27 %
  • Fiber: 0,7 %
  • Nitrogen substances: 3,3 %
  • Oils and fats: 11,1 %
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