Crystalina dogs

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Crystalina Dogs
  • helps to keep balance of intestinal flora and intestinal tract, to reduce bad cholesterol in blood, to eliminate bad substances from the body and the products of metabolism

  • helps to improve the quality of hair and skin, helps with digestive tract disorders and fat loss, supports medical treatment of infections, inflammations and supports detoxification

  • helps to strengthen the animal’s immune system

Crystalina Dogs is a natural feeding supplement acting as multifunctional natural ballast substance, as eliminator of burdens. It helps to maintain balance of intestinal flora and gastrointestinal tract, to reduce bad blood cholesterol, to eliminate dangerous substances from the body – toxins, micro-organisms, acids, metals, and metabolism products – and it supports reinforcement of the immune system at the same time. The natural feeding supplement Crystalina Dogs helps to improve the quality of fur and skin and has a positive effects in case of gastrointestinal tract disorders and in the elimination of excessive fat. It also supports pharmacological treatment of infections and inflammations and contributes to the detoxification of an organism. Regular use of this product favours a general harmonisation and reinforcement of the body, improves mental humour of animals and – last but not least – reduces the bad smell of excrements.

Ingredients: Crystalina (Clinoptilolite of sedimentary origin – 1g568), dried carrot, spirulina, canary grass

Package: 400 g

Recommended dosage:  1 g for 100 g of daily feeding dose.

Analytical components: 

  • Ashes: 82,32 %
  • Fiber: 1,28 %
  • Nitrogen substances: 3,05 %
  • Oils and fats: 0,16 %
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